Six Lucrative Career Paths for Liberal Arts Majors

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Despite what you may have heard, there are many great liberal arts careers to choose from that pay very well. As many students know, settling on a career path as an undergrad can be tough, especially for one pursuing a liberal arts degree. To help, below are six of the most lucrative career paths for liberal arts students.

Graphic Art and Design

Employers in all industries have a need for professionals with backgrounds in graphic art and design. Companies need designers and artists to help them create aesthetic, attractive designs for products, packaging, advertisements, websites and more.


A bachelor’s degree from a liberal arts school can be used as a foundation for obtaining a master’s of law degree. Practicing law is one of the most profitable trades in existence. While representing citizens in court is one option, there is also a strong demand for lawyers by huge corporations that need to make sure their operations remain legal. Law schools look for students from all academic backgrounds, so any liberal arts degree can be applied towards the study of law.


Another liberal arts career path that can be quite profitable is writing. With internet users now numbering more than ever, there is an increased need for new written content. Writers can also make a decent amount of money drafting advertising copy and technical documents. Editing and proofreading work can also be lucrative, especially in newer, internet-based industries.


While teaching isn’t always thought of as a lucrative career, teachers can make up to $50,000 a year after gaining some experience in the field. There are also lucrative teaching positions outside of traditional schools for children. Colleges, universities and technical schools that teach adults have an ever-increasing need for new instructors.


It is unlikely that the construction of new buildings, homes and structures will ever cease in the future. This said, the demand for skilled architects will only increase as the population grows. This demand also exists overseas, enabling those interested in travel to take an architectural career abroad.


Fashion is a career that can be pursued by just about any liberal arts major with an eye for design and trends. Fashion is one of the most profitable career fields in the arts. A fashion designer can expect to make as much as $77,000 after establishing a successful career. Income can be even higher if a designer develops name recognition in the industry.

Overall, there are many great lucrative career opportunities available to liberal arts students. If you are a student pursuing a liberal arts degree, decide what your true passion is while deciding on a career to pursue.

Informational credit for this article to Noel Denham, an attorney with a Champlain College Master’s of Law degree, who advises prospective law students on career options.

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