The best entry-level jobs for business majors

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Pursuing a business major can be one of the most lucrative paths to take, with almost limitless options for career directions. Finding your way after getting a business degree ultimately comes down to pinpointing what you’re most interested in and going after it. You may be interested in something related to finances, or maybe you feel like your calling is in human resources; no matter what interests you, there’s a path forward.

Breaking into the business world after completing school takes a little guidance, but there are some wonderful entry-level options out there that can get you started on the right foot towards a rewarding business career.

The best entry-level jobs for business majors:


Being a bookkeeper is a great way to get into business as a recent graduate, especially if you have strong financial and organizational skills. A bookkeeper’s job is to keep track of financial records for a business, and it’s a solid option if you’re looking for a good way to get on the fast track to a higher-paying role and gain some valuable experience in the process. Bookkeepers are still extremely valuable to businesses, even though automation has helped maintain some financial records to an extent.

Store manager

Getting a store manager job with a sales-focused or retail company is an excellent way to put your business degree to good use. Your knowledge of sales and how to approach business will undoubtedly be valuable to companies that put a strong emphasis on sales, and having an education in that line of work will definitely give you a leg up.

Public relations assistant

PR is a great field to explore as a business major, especially if you have an interest in the public-facing day-to-day of a business and want to help craft messaging and organize marketing initiatives. Public relations is also a very demanding area of expertise, so more often than not, PR professionals need assistants to help them with small tasks, bigger projects, or a combination of both. Starting as a PR assistant will help put you on the path toward a lucrative career in marketing and public relations.

Administrative assistant

One of the absolute best career paths for business majors is administrative work. This job can sometimes be a catch-all, as you’ll likely assist with and engage in work that takes you across departments. Even if you’re working directly for a manager or C-level employee, you’ll almost definitely interact and, at times, work closely with people in all areas of a business. That’s an extremely valuable thing for a business major, and it can lead to opportunities in any number of areas that can give your career the jolt it needs. Whether it’s assisting with scheduling the CEO’s calendar, helping with a human resources issue, doing data entry, or taking notes in a high-level strategy meeting, administrative work is the heartbeat of a business because it’s the thing that keeps the machine running. Working as an administrative assistant is one of the most invaluable roles you can have to kick-start your career journey.

With so many options available for business majors, the biggest challenge is deciding which path is right for you. Whether you enjoy working with numbers or developing creative PR strategies, there are plenty of entry-level options available to help catapult you to a lucrative career.  

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