The best remote summer jobs for college students

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College is an experience like no other, but it can certainly take up a ton of your time and leave you with little time to devote to a demanding job. That’s where summer vacation comes in handy, but sometimes as a student, you need to travel home or somewhere else for the summer and cannot commit to a job in the city where you go to school. Whatever the circumstance, remote jobs can offer flexibility and possibility for students who need to make a little extra money over the summer.

Remote work can offer students the kind of schedule and situation they won’t find elsewhere. Whether you’re trying to find work pertaining to your area of study, like someone trying to enter a math-related career who might want some temporary work in data entry, or you’re just looking for a freelance customer service role to make some money. Here are some ideas for students looking for remote work inspiration.

Freelance writing or editing

If you’ve got a gift for writing and editing (hello, English or Communications majors), freelance writing might be the perfect thing for you. Great writers can easily make up to $50 per article as a starting fee. The great thing about writing and editing is that there are always opportunities to expand your portfolio. You could quickly go from being hired by a small informational website to writing for a larger domain or publication and ultimately find yourself a pretty lucrative side hustle.

The best way to land a freelance writing or editing gig is by doing some samples. If you’ve never written before but have a connection in the content world, use it! Even essays and research papers will work, though.

Taking surveys online

These are lower-paying opportunities, but online surveys can be a great way to make some extra cash if you’re just looking for some spending money. If you do enough of them, you’ll get yourself a nice bit of walking around money, and they don’t usually take long. Surveys are a great way to do little work for a small but helpful amount of money.

Data entry

Data entry jobs are easy enough to get if you’ve got excellent typing and grammatical skills, and it’s especially good for students who might have experience in spreadsheets and Excel. They can pay pretty well if you find a good one, and for those who are qualified and experienced enough, it can actually be pretty enjoyable. Finding a data entry job is as easy as looking around the Internet and applying to open positions, but make sure you know how much the jobs pay before you apply. Data entry can be time consuming, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting paid well enough for the work. If you find a great job, data entry can be a great way to work from wherever you are in the world and make some decent money for the summer.

Regardless of what your plans are for the summer, there are plenty of remote work opportunities while you’re in college. Start your remote summer job search at College Recruiter. College Recruiter offers thousands of entry-level, seasonal, and remote positions for students and recent graduates.

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