Recruitment Resources for Hiring Internship/ Full-time/ Part-time Banking Opportunities

Welcome! Please leverage the resources on this website to build a recruitment brand for hiring internship, full-time, and part-time candidates for your organziation/ companys. We are excited to help employers better connect and engage with students/ alumni, please let us know how we can help! 

The key to successful recruiting is building and maintaining a strong presence among students. In addition to posting positions, participating in career fairs, and offering campus interviews and information sessions, consider the following strategies to engage students and enhance your brand through on campus recruitment (OCR). Above all, be creative in your approach and highlight what sets your organization apart!


Meet with students in a relaxed environment while tabling in student high-traffic areas. Allows Employers to connect and engage with students in brief, quick interactions at locations across campus (i.e. University Union, Specific Colleges, Libraries, Quads, etc.).

Information Sessions

Meet with interested  students during a dedicated time either virtual or face-to-face to share your company’s job and internship information. Allows University Career Centers to help employers build brand awareness on campus. 

On Campus Interviews

Career Centers typically have dedicated rooms for for employers to use for interviews. It is a convenient way to interview students all day or for a few hours on-site at the campus. Reserve rooms through the Career Center.

Campus Job & Career Fairs

Students attend and connect with employers at small or large scale job and internship fairs. Fairs are typically hosted by Career Centers and can take place in the fall and spring semester. Registration for fairs take place on the Career Center’s Handshake platform.

Posting Jobs (Handshake)

The #1 Job Posting website for College/ University Career Centers. Employers can post available internship, full-time, and part-time opportunities and connect with students/ alumni. The platform also allows employers to see upcoming events, such as job and internship fairs.

  • Use plain language. Stay away from industry jargon or organization specific terms.
  • Describe the daily tasks student interns will be expected to complete.
  • Spell out requirements such as major, class standing, and specific classes needed if applicable. (i.e. Have completed Tax Accounting or Audit for students in CPA offices)
  • Be mindful that GPA is not a predictor of success for an intern. Listing a GPA requirement will prevent quality students from applying to your opportunity if they don’t meet the criteria.

Building your Brand with College Students & Alumni

Building your brand presence on campus is an important piece in your recruiting process.

Build a Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most popular and powerful means of communication in student/alumni’s lives today. Use social media to boost recruitment by sharing job postings, employee testimonials, recruitment marketing material, and again by promoting your brand.

Many platforms appeal to a specific audience. For example, Instagram is more popular among young college graduates, and LinkedIn appeals more to professionals. Identify which platforms are most popular within your community and among the individuals you are working to attract. Choose 3-5 sites you would like to use to build an online community and interact with regularly.

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Helpful Resources to Build your Company/ Organization’s Brand:

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On Campus Recruitment (OCR) programs consists of effectively connecting employers with eligible candidates to consider for professional full-time/ part-time job and internship opportunities. Typically OCR programs run from late September through November and February through April.

Sample On-Campus Recruitment Timeline:

Shippensburg University’s Career Center is interested in working with Banking institutions to create marketing media to highlight opportunities! Connect with the Career Center at

Connect with all Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Career Centers to help jumpstart your on-campus recruitment program!

Interested in connecting? Click on your desired University logo to get started. All PASSHE universities utilize Handshake to connect with employers.