From AI to video applications: can using technology help your job application stand out?

From AI to video applications: can using technology help your job application stand out? was originally published on College Recruiter.

Every job applicant wants to set themselves apart from other candidates that are coming into a hiring manager’s inbox. But the job market is very competitive – studies show that an average job opening receives roughly 250 job applications. For competitive jobs in reputable companies, this number could soar into the thousands. Given the influx of job seekers, how do you make your application stand out?

The answer is technology. Writing a cracking cover letter and CV is a great way to demonstrate your skills and achievements. But you’ll need more than that to succeed in the ever-competitive jobs market, which is where tech comes in. Technology has taken center stage in virtually all aspects of our lives, and job hunting is no exception.

Curious about how to use technology to make your job application stand out? Here are the various ways to make sure you get noticed by prospective employers.

How to use technology to make your job application stand out:

Leverage video applications

Since the rise of YouTube, savvy individuals have been displaying their skills through video. So why not use it for your resume, if the job advert allows it? Unlike the conventional resume, a video resume provides more room for expression. On screen, you can demonstrate your communication skills, creativity, demeanor, personality, and how conversant you are with emerging technologies.

Ideally, you should take no more than two minutes to express yourself. Within those 120 seconds, you can highlight your abilities, strengths, personality, skills, and achievements. If you can pull this off, you’ll be one step closer to securing the job.

Use resume builders or templates

Gone are the days when you’d scribble down your CV on a two-pages paper and leave a lasting impression on the eyes of recruiters. Today, technology has taken over the role of resume writing. With just a computer and internet connection, you can create an attention-grabbing document by using a resume builder.

Many sites provide job seekers with free online templates that help them create professional CVs. And the best part, the templates are easy to fill in, and you can customize them to fit your unique requirements.

Try out infographic resumes

Infographic resumes are trending and are a great way to showcase your work experience. They contain charts, icons, color schemes, and graphical elements that highlight your skills in the most flattering way. This technology allows you to organize your skills and qualifications into an eye-catching layout.

If you’re considering a creative position, creating a killer resume with a graphical presentation of skills is right for you. There are a lot of diverse tools and services that can help you create an infographic resume. Just remember, it’s really important to have a high-quality final product, so make sure you take your time to avoid your resume looking tacky or childish.

Set for success

Technology has impacted our lives and businesses in unprecedented ways and has finally found its way into our resumes. Thanks to various writing tools available today, you can create a stand-out resume more efficiently, incorporating graphical elements to set you apart from the competition. And if an infographic resume doesn’t cut it for you, you can wow your recruiters with a video application and increase your chances of getting hired.

–Samantha Clark is a recruitment expert who aims to share actionable tips in her writing, to help job seekers find their dream role

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